Dirty 6 Mud Run in Tucson Arizona

Saturday, May 26, 2012, team Reshoevn8r ran the Dirty 6 mud run, which was held at Old Tucson Studios. My original plans for that day were to sit back, relax, and photograph the team as they approached the finish line. However, one of the team members called and said they weren’t going to make it. At this point I had no choice but to “take one for the team”, so I threw on a Reshoevn8r jersey and made my way towards the starting line. The fact that I was wearing my brand new Nike's didn't hit me, until I approached the first obstacle.... a mud pit. I would assume most of you can begin to imagine the knots forming in my stomach, as I realized there was no turning back. I slowly crept up the mountain of dirt, once at the top and seeing my muddy, slide down, I closed my eyes and slid into the watery pit of DOOM. Some of you may think 'It's just a silly pair of shoes,"... but I was at a loss for words. Destroying my shoes was a sure way to ruin the rest of my day. As I came to the second obstacle, I had a sudden epiphany! A single glance, at my shirt, turned my frown upside down. RESHOEVN8R!....I pulled through, finishing the race, in an "acceptable" place. No need to worry about cleaning my sneakers, thanks to Reshoevn8r Article by - Celycia Quihuis - June 3, 2012 buy an essays Dirty 6 Mud Run Tucson