For The Love of Kicks | Insane eBay Auction Featuring Jordan / Nike Rare Samples




The love of sneakers is why we are all collecting, selling (hopefully not exploiting the resale market), trading, and even hoarding; that's why our sneaker cleaning solution and restoration products are so popular. For most people, our favorite kicks may not be the rarest, but they contain a certain sentimental feeling. In case that wasn't enough,  here's an opportunity to take your collection to the next level. 

eBay user deucepalms has decided to auction off a handful of his/her kicks. This auction doesn't consist of a bunch of beaters or common kicks, but they include many rare samples and never before seen sneakers. The most rare include: the UNDFTD 4s, Eminem 4s (with laser print), and some Nike 2K5 Kobe Samples amongst other samples. Many of these kicks were limited to less than 100 pairs and were not released to the general public. 

An easy way to put these kicks and their value into perspective,

  • UNDFTD 4s - Size 10 currently on eBay for $30,000 (257 Watchers)
  • Eminem 4s - Size 10 sold for $14,500 on eBay immediately (Nearly 20 seconds to be exact)

In a world where uniqueness is commended, these Jordans and Nikes would put you on a pedestal amongst sneakerheads. With the auction ending in a little over 8 days, the current price is $32,200 with a $100 bid-increase minimal. It wouldn't be shocking to see these crack $40,000. For those with the money and the power to purchase, the auction officially ends on 3/24 at 3:04AM.

The seller has requested local pick up only as it is understandable that party is unwilling to ship the shoes. According to the description, the shoes are located in Los Angeles, California. Below, we've attached a few of the kicks that are for sale in the auction. For more photos and the rest of the collection visit the auction. 


Air Jordan IV 4 UNDFTD Sample
Air Jordan 4 'UNDFTD' Sample
Air Jordan IV 4 Blue Laser Eminem Sample
Air Jordan 4 'Blue Laser' Sample
Air Jordan VIII 8 White/Light Graphite-Ceramic Sample
Air Jordan 8 'Light Graphite' Sample
Air Jordan IX 9 Low Black/Grey Sample
Air Jordan 9 Low Black/Cool Grey Sample
Air Jordan XIII 13 Desert Clay Bin23 Sample
Air Jordan 13 'Desert Clay' Sample

Air Jordan I 1 Black/Gold Patent SampleAir Jordan 1 Black/Gold Patent Sample

Nike Huarache 2K4 Kobe Laser Sample
Nike Huarache 2K5 Kobe Sample
Nike Air Zoom Generation First Game
Nike Air Zoom Generation 'First Game'
Nike Air Zoom Generation All-Star
Nike Air Zoom Generation 'All-Star'