Survivor's Guide On How To Get Through Festival Season

With Spring here, the music festivals will follow too. Coachella is less than a month away, Electric Daisy Carnival is coming sooner than later, and Outside Lands just sold out for its weekend in August. For the common dude and gal, the festivals are all about the outfits. For the sophisticated sneaker heads, the kicks are just as important. 

1. Picking The Right Footwear

First off, it's incredibly important to remember this tidbit: NEVER WEAR FLIP FLOPS or SANDALS. With drunk folks and people under some sort of influence, there will be messes everywhere in sight. That list includes: dropped beers, food condiments, vomit, and even mud. Avoid the nastiness and rock sneakers. 


2. When You Leave, It's Not Going To Be The Same

Unfortunately, the sneakers you wear will face the obstacles previously mentioned. By picking sneakers over sandals, it will at least keep your feet dry and clean. The best alternative is to pick a pair of beaters or "dailys" but comfort should remain a priority. The shoes you bring will not look the same after the event. There's just too many things against you. 

3. Restoration 

No worries, Reshoevn8r has you covered. It's obvious that you won't keep having a cleaning session at the event but you can bring the cleaning wipes in your luggage. They're great for travel and they're convenient. You can purchase a 12 pack of Reshoevn8r Sneaker Wipes for less than $6.00. Those who have OCD, these would be great to leave in the hotel / apartment for a quick clean to keep the kicks fresh at the end of the night. The final step would to have the laundry system ready when you make it home. 

Link To Purchase: Sneaker Wipes 

4. Last But Not Least...

Have fun! Be comfortable and enjoy the ride. Don't worry about the kicks until after the festivities are over. We'll be here to help deal with the aftermath.