Socks Are Just As Important as Kicks In Today's Sneaker Game

Back in the day, the kicks were the centerpiece of the outfit. In today's world, the accessories are just as important. From belts to socks and even laces, it's about being different in a stylish way. Most importantly, today's fashion culture adores the funky and outlandish socks.

Don't believe us? Head down to your local gym or park and count the amount of plain black or white socks. At the NBA level, the players have designated NBA branded socks which are always Black or White. When Team USA is up-and-about, the players are rocking the coveted Olympic NBA Elites. The NBA has a deal with Stance (stylish name brand sock producer) and allowed them to create the 2015 NBA All-Star Game's official socks.   

With a stars and stripes American theme, the West got the stars while the East donned the stripes. While the NBA players are doing their thing, at the recreational level, the children are doing their best to imitate their heroes. With Nike's Elite Socks, the sock game has revolutionized the game. While Nike originally began with two colors on a pair of Elites, they began to produce graphic prints on the socks. Before Nike implemented the change, customizers were making a killing creating unique socks for the ballers.

These socks retail from $14-$30 as there are multiple versions of Elites alone; there's the Nike Hyper Elite High Quarter, Nike Hyper Elite Crew, and the Nike Dri-FIT Elite Crew just to name a few. On top of the basketball sneakers, the business world has seen these wild and wacky socks. It's not uncommon to see a suit, dress shoes, and a decorated pair of socks. Do you rock these stylish socks or do you absolutely hate it? Is it a fad or will it last? Let us know what you think!


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