Air Jordan x Bugs Bunny Connection


Originally meeting and collaborating in 1992, Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan worked together on a Jordan Brand commercial and the first Jordan 7 Hares released. In 1996, the worked together again to take on the Monstars in the highest grossing basketball film of all time. Yes, higher than Eddie, Hoosiers, He Got Game, Love and Baskeball, White Men Can't Jump, and you get the point. With the two superstar's popularity in each dimension, the unnatural pairing was a success. 

Original Hare 7 from 1992

In recent news, Bugs Bunny partnered up with Jordan Brand once again to bring back the Hare colorways. We've seen the Hare 1 Lows, Hare 1 Mids, Lola Bunny Mids (for the females), Hare XX9, and next up is the original Hare 7s. In case you were wondering, Lola Bunny was Bug's crush in Space Jam.

The relationship between the two are so serious that Jordan Brand had even created the Jordan 7s with modifications to fit a rabbit's foot. With practically the same color scheme (without the orange and green),  the success brought on the Jordan 8s in another Bugs Bunny inspired colorway. 



This Saturday will mark the third release as the second time retro-ing the colorway. This specific model will release on Saturday, May 15, 2015 for $170 for men's adult sizes. They will be releasing in full family sizing so the whole family can match.