Sneaker Prices: They Keep Going Up...

It's absolutely insane; it seems like the prices of kicks have risen over the years and there looks to be no end in sight. On Nike, there are sandals retailing for $58 (various Jordan Brand designs) and $65 (Nike Free). These are flip-flops, chanclas, tsinelas, or designed sandals. Surely, Nike has improved the design from the basic flip-flop but for that pricing, you're better off grabbing a pair of shoes online with so many sales and coupon codes available. At retail you can even grab a pair of Roshes. 

That's just the beginning. Photos of the Jordan 7 Championship Pack aka Cigars and Champage have surface and those will retail for $250 each just like last year's pricing. Although it remained the same, it feels excessively expensive. It seems like the game plan is to throw in little accessories, in this case, the championship ring lace locks and add a back story. To put it in an equation, if you make $10 an hour at your job, it's going to take more than 25 hours to earn the kicks. Include sales tax, your pair is $270. That's at least 30 hours of work (can't forget the taxes).

Regular Air Jordans took on the Remastered title and prices rose from $160 to $190. Of course, we all love the shoe game, that's why we camp out, wake up early to combat bots, buy Reshoevn8r to bring back the kicks to it's pristine conditions but the retail prices have made it tough to buy everything you like. 

Another example is the Kobe 8. They from went from $140 to $160 for the Kobe 9 EM lows. The Elite highs were $225 and the "WTK 9" retailed for $275.  Next example in line is the KD signature line. The KD 8s are coming and we can expect an increase there too. KD 7s retailed for $150 which rose from 130. The KD 5s were $115 while the KD 4s were $90.

Of course you have to account for inflation, overhead, and expenses for Nike. How do you feel about dropping your earned money on the kicks? Will general release kicks ever reach $300 retail? It's addicting to grab the fresh kicks you desire. Until then, make sure to grab Reshoevn8r's cleansing products to make sure you keep your valuable kicks fresh.