3 Ways to Protect Your Kicks

True sneaker collectors are somewhat OCD when it comes to the upkeep of their Kicks. Spots, stains, scuffs, and even creases can be devastating to even the least modest of sneakerheads. Luckily, Reshoeven8r's brand is centered around sneaker care. The idea that we can slow the aging process of our sneakers seems groundbreaking. On second thought, it truly is! Thanks to modern cleansing and preventative measures, wearing a $300+ pair of shoes doesn't feel as risky. Here are 3 products that will help keep your kicks crispy. 

1) Sole Shields 

For just $24.98 you can preserve the outsoles of your GRAILS for eternity! Well, 20,000 steps to be exact. Each Sole Shield sheet is made to fit any sneaker up to a size 13! Check out our how-to videos for installation tips. Each pack comes with 2 Sole Shield Sheets, 4 Traction Pads, and 2 Prep-Cleaning Pads. Just peep what everyone's been saying in the review section. 

2) Repellent 

Our original Water + Stain Repellant has been featured in various tutorials; all of which are accessible via YouTube. When our spray made its debut 2 years ago, the public's response was off the charts! Unfortunately, because it was sold in aerosol cans we were unable to ship outside of the USA. Thanks to our new plastic, pump bottling, we'll be able to ship internationally! Pick up a bottle for only $12.98

3) RESHOEVN8R Fresh Bag Refill


You ever wish you could just seal your kicks and keep them DS forever? Now you can with Reshoevn8r's Fresh Bag Refill! These 4-bag package deal helps reduce the oxidation and deterioration of your favorite kicks! Did we mention they're waterproof? For only $16.98 you can take a step in the right direction!


These are just 3 ways to protect your kicks; please believe there are many more! How do you protect your kicks? Comment below and check out our products!