Tomyoo23 Creates Lego Air Jordans Idea


One of the most challenging things in life is navigating a floor filled with Lego pieces laying around. Imagine rocking them as a shoe, that would be a huge no-no. Good thing this concept doesn't ask for them to be worn. Tomyoo23 came up with the concept of incorporating a sneakers theme for Lego's next set.

Lego has a website in which fans can submit their best ideas. The process begins with submitting your concept. Then, it'll go be available for everyone to see. In the  "Supporters" stage, you have to gather 10,000 votes. If you reach that level of popularity, the Legos management will look into creating it. That's the step that's even tougher. The trademarks, licensing, and copyright will come into play. If the idea is worth the hassle, the product may come into fruition.  

The Air Jordan XI Concord was the first one up, and that already has 589 supporters. In case you wanted to make this real, be sure to visit the site, and support! These would instantly sell out and would probably have a hefty resale tag.

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