Milwaukee Bucks Unveil New Jerseys & Uniforms

The Milwaukee Bucks have a bright future ahead. Although they lost Jabari Parker to a torn ACL in his rookie year, they were able to make a playoff run in the shallow Eastern Conference. The Bucks will now look to step forward with a change, the team unveiled their new team colors and jerseys. These may be one of the best looking uniforms in the league. From the simplistic look to the perfectly cut of the collar, these are receiving rave reviews.

The green road uniforms will sport where they're from, Milwaukee and the home whites will rep the team name. A neat quality is the blue stripe on the jerseys. The stripe represents the blue-collar work ethic of the city and state. They dropped their red and went with a green and cream color. Before the red, they used to feature green and purple.

Sometimes less is more and the Bucks are definitely winning with this one. NBA teams always have more than one road and one home jersey for marketing purposes. Currently, there is no word on an alternate jersey. We're going out on a hunch and guess a red jersey is in the works. If this is a step forward in the right direction, it will be time to Fear the Deer