Under Armour Curry One MVP Release Problems


For the first time ever, Under Armour is facing criticism with their basketball line. Not because of their quality or performance, but the way they handled the "MVP" release. The release date was set at June 13 at 7 AM PST. Apparently, there was so much traffic on the site, they had to remove the colorway and put everything on hold while fans were still carting the items.

Under Armour then released a tweet claiming to send out an update. Unfortunately, the next tweet was that the shoes were sold out. Some were able to check out and some were "cart jacked." Many were unhappy with the entire process. 

Kustoo wasn't too happy about it and was wondering if he missed the update tweet:


 In Chicago at the Under Armour store, the Curry One fans camped out, a sight many had never expected to see:

Stephen Curry has single handedly put Under Armour on the map with his popularity and exciting style of play. After claiming the award, UA unrolled the colorway and the hype came. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will square off in Game 5. With approximately 3 games remaining in the 2014-15 NBA season, Curry and the Warriors or King James will reign supreme.