2017 All Star Game Awarded to Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets have come a long way. From beginning in 1988 as the original Charlotte Hornets to moving the franchise to New Orleans in 2002, it has finally come full circle. The New Orleans Hornets dropped the Hornets moniker to become the Pelicans which mean the Charlotte Bobcats (expansion team in 2004-05 season) could retain the Hornets name and history from 1988-2002.  (If you read it carefully it all makes sense)

The team led by Michael Jordan has been awarded the 2017 All Star Game. The last time the city of Charlotte has hosted the midseason NBA festivities was in 1991 at the Charlotte Coliseum that no longer exists. 

Next season, the festivities goes out of the country and visits the northern neighbor in Toronto. They'll look to get Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan back into the lineups to represent their team.

2015's NBA All-Star Week in New York / Brooklyn was a hit. With Stephen Curry winning the 3-Point Contest and Zach LaVine slamming home the victory, the excitement was back.

It used to be rookies playing against sophomores then format changed to the rookies and sophomores being drafted as a whole. Last season, the format of the Rising Stars Challenge changed to USA vs the World, which had the US born players compete against all the other international youngsters in the league.

Fun Fact

Interesting enough, the All-Star Game will be held in the East again, the third consecutive year (NY, Toronto, Charlotte). From 2004 - 2011, it was hosted in the West coast / by a Western Conference team for eight years (includes Las Vegas and Dallas Cowboys stadium).