Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms

The Milwaukee Bucks just unrolled their newest logo and uniforms and that was a success. The Los Angeles Clippers tried next and fell flat on their face. Many fans and NBA fans felt the logos were too plain and closely resembled the EA Sports' NBA Live's logos (running online gag). Next up, the Atlanta Hawks. It seems like yesterday when the Atlanta Hawks brought out the red, white, and blue to bring a simple look.

That was then and this is now. The Hawks unveiled a red, white, and black uniform with neon yellow. The neon yellow is often referred to "Volt" (Nike) and "Electricity" (adidas) It's a bit McDonalds like to be completely honest. The black and neon yellow truly came from nowhere as the Hawks unveiled their new logo last month and it was dominantly red and white.

Usually, a team in the dumps will look to turn their luck by bringing a new logo or uniform color scheme in. The Hawks were a force throughout the regular season but fell short in the Eastern Conference Finals. The white set will be reserved for home games, the black for the road, and the red for alternate appearances when the team needs to switch things up. The jerseys will feautre a new subliminal triangle pattern look. 

5 New Things:

1) Pattern

The jerseys will feature a triangular feather pattern drawing inspiration from a hawk's breast. 

2) Asymmetry 

The NBA has made its look professional and even. Not anymore, the Hawks created asymmetry by featuring a feather on one side and the Hawks name on the other. 

3) Bold Colors

Neon is never seen on the NBA uniforms. High school, AAU, and maybe college, but never at the NBA level.

4) Head-to-Toe

Socks and shoes were created in mind to match the entire kits.

5) Mix and Match

The tops can be interchanged with the bottoms, something that has never been seen in the NBA.