Reshoevn8r at SneakerCon LA

Reshoevn8r was out in Los Angeles at the Convention Center next to Staples Center aka the home of the Lakers. It is a necessity to highlight that the 2014 NBA MVP also made a cameo appearance. Fans flocked to Kevin Durant in hopes of getting their kicks signed. Although many didn't get the signature, it was awesome to see the NBA star walk amongst the regulars.

Wale who recently dropped his Asics Bottle Rockets, also made an appearance with the Villa booth. In no means are we saying that our appearance brought in the celebrities but it's a sign of random and spontaneous excitement.

On top of the appearances, our booth also had free cleanings to prove it to your eyes. Even if you don't need anymore solutions or products, swing by and say "what's up." We appreciate our customers and love meeting the people face to face.