Do You Have Fake Yeezys? How To Spot the Differences

Thanks to Fake Education, we get a chance to help the sneaker community. Buying fakes and rocking them is unethical. It's even more annoying when it's somebody pretending to stunt like they have it all. In case you purchased a pair off a reseller or a second hand source, we can help calm your nerves. Here's a photo breakdown of how to distinguish if your kicks are real or fugazi.

First off, if you see a black box when you're doing a meetup. Walk away and tell the seller "Buh bye Felicia." This is the first red flag and is extremely easy to distinguish. 

The heel tab is stitched way closer to the real pair. Peep the distance from the tab and the top of the collar in the fake pair. 

The insole should feature a black font color on top of the black insole. The fake is poorly cut and jaggedly while the real ones feature a clean looking cut. 


The bottom of the insoles are completely different. The colors aren't even the same. 

The font of the fake pair is much larger. The real pair is deeply embossed.

Another case of quality here. Like the YZY, the fake has a super sized adidas branding.

The pattern on the stitching going up the toe box on the real fair has a clear cut pattern, while the fake pair tries to keep the materials from falling apart.

Remove the insole and the foot bed of the shoe has a black stripe in comparisons to the open stitching.

H/T: @Fake_Education