adidas Looks to Grab a Superstar in James Harden


adidas has been surpassed by Under Armour as the number two sports brand in the basketball market. With a huge hand from Stephen Curry, Under Armour was able to do that in two years. Curry left Nike and aided the brand which was most known for their compression shirts and football gear.

In 2014, Under Armour also reached out and offered a massive contract to Kevin Durant, the reigning MVP at the time. Ultimately, he declined and chose to stay with Nike for less money because it was a brand he was comfortable with. His first year back wasn’t pretty. He was ravaged by injury and disliked the KD 7, which forced him to wear his previous model.

Adidas is falling behind and wants to stop the bleed by grabbing a superstar. The top 5 candidates for MVP were Stephen Curry (UA), James Harden (Nike), LeBron James (Nike), Russell Westbrook (Jordan Brand), and Anthony Davis (Nike). Harden’s deal with Nike expired this season and adidas is looking to haul the big beard.


By offering James Harden a $200 million deal, he’s making more from this endorsement than playing for the Houston Rockets. If he accepts, he’s guaranteed a signature shoe to join the ranks of Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Damian Lillard. With Nike, he was rumored to be the next signature athlete and unveiled low cut models such as the Hyperchase and Zoom Run The One. 

We’ve seen KD spurn down more money to stay with a brand he’s comfortable with and most recently, Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls did a similar thing. He chose to leave adidas and to sign with Jordan Brand for less money. With a familiar feeling, he chose the shoes he wore throughout high school and college. In his Jordans, Butler was fortunate enough to never suffer an injury as he did in his time with adidas (did not fault the brand or shoes).

The deal is reportedly for 13 years. If Harden is lucky enough to play for that long, it'll be until his 19th season in the NBA. adidas is willing to spend the pretty dimes to get the stars they think will raise their prominence. One thing to note is the amount of injuries that seem to happen in adidas shoes. From Derrick Rose to Dante Exum, these bad experiences hurt the brand. Today, while competing for his country of Australia, 20 year old, Dante Exum tore his ACL without any contact. Looking like the way D Rose landed and went down immediately, the fear struck fans immediately. Here's what Twitter had to say: