Macklemore and Complex Go Shopping

Joe La Puma of Complex hits the store with Seattle native Macklemore at Recess U District in Seattle. At the consignment shop, they discuss the past and present. We learned that his first pair of Jays came from grandma. After mom was unwilling to spend the guap, Macklemore convinced grandma and the rest was history. He also explained about how he got his two pairs of "Macklemore" 6s.

They came with the trade off of working with/for Jordan Brand. He performed at the Jordan Brand Classic in New York for the brightest and best high school stars. Originally the agreement were for a pair of Carmelo Anthony's but Mackelmore hit the jackpot as they threw in the Jordan 6s too, his favorite model.

Props to Macklemore for sounding like a true sneakerhead, speaking about the quality, comfort, and materials. Macklemore shared an intimate moment with the GOAT about his collab and we all learned something new about Jordan:

"I showed him the shoe and I have two pairs, I got the greens and the clays. He was like, 'I don't like green. F*** green. It reminds me of some Christmas sh*t, no one's trying to wear some Christmas shoes."

Michael probably doesn't like the Celtics Uniform and absolutely HATES green. Sneaker fanatics would probably disagree. When photos of the kicks surfaced, the kicks community went ham. Macklemore finished the episode by purchasing two pairs of size 11 jays. He went with Military 4s and Playoff 12s while grabbing Grape 5s and Olympic 7s for his baby daughter.