Air Jordan X "City Series" Then and Now

The Jordan X came after Michael Jordan retired in 1994. While they believed MJ would walk away forever, Tinker Hatfield chose to make this shoe about his accomplishments and a tribute hence the highlights and statistics on the outsole. 

In 1995, five cities were honored and represented with the Jordan X. The cities include: Chicago, New York, Orlando, Seattle, Sacramento, and Charlotte. Why these specific cities?Nike needed athletes to rock the latest Jordans. The athletes include Penny Hardaway (Orlando), Mitch Richmond (Sacramento), Kendall Gill (Seattle), Latrell Sprewell (New York), and Harold Miner (Miami)/B.J. Armstrong (Chicago). Miami was forced to share with Chicago for obvious reasons.

Five pairs featured a white leather upper and the pop of the basketball team's colors. The Sacramento pair came with a black upper and purple accents. Surprise Jordan made his return and often found himself going toe to toe with his opposition wearing his shoes in their colors.

New York: Black/Blue/Orange

Chicago: Black/Red/White

Orlando: Black/Royal Blue/Silver

Seattle: Black/Green/Yellow

Sacramento: Black/Purple/Silver

Many include the Carolina / Charlotte / Power Blues too. Although they didn't have a player from the Charlotte Hornets wearing them. Rumors have circulated and apparently a new City Series may be on the way. This time, new cities are included.

Supposedly 2016 will bring four pairs of Jordan X: New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and Chicago. Like the first run, you will only find them in their respective cities. If you need LA Jordan Xs, better call your plug and arrange something!