Stephen Curry Signed Through 2024 With Under Armour

Stephen Curry, NBA athlete, NBA MVP, and now Under Armour owner. By signing a contract extension through 2024, the baby faced assassin gained equity in the company. After earning his first signature shoe, the sales backed up Under Armour's decision.

The fans found UA as a reliable option and the numbers show. UA was able to surpass adidas with Curry's influence. On top of that, UA struck gold with Jordan Spieth. While they have this momentum, they chose to not let Curry slip away. 

adidas hasn't given up. The German based Sportswear brand signed James Harden to a huge contract and recently got Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers too. 



The details of the deal has not been released but Nike let Curry walk away for $4 million a year. Curry often calls himself the Underdog and helping UA rise has been phenomenal.