adidas Yeezy 350 Ultra Boost Customs

That title is not a typo. There is a pair of adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts without the outsole. Okay, they're slated to release but they are nice to look at. While Kanye West held his fashion show in New York for Yeezy Season 2, these Mache x Red Ribbon Recon customs are lit. We have to admit, these look much more appetizing with the regular full length Boost outsole.

Mache and Jester of Red Ribbon Recon took the Ultra Boost, a shoe Kanye was seen wearing (general release shoe that sold out immediately after the hypebeasts noticed, prices skyrocketed, and demand was created) and transplanted them to the Yeezy 350 upper.

Kanye would probably be unhappy knowing his masterpiece was compromised but regardless, these customs were created to turn heads. Like always, we encourage wearing all your shoes. As long as your have Reshoevn8r, you can always make them look good as new.