OKC Unveils New Alternate Jerseys

We recently posted about the new NBA hardwood court designs in which six teams took part in trying to switch things up. The NBA isn't finished with changes. The Oklahoma City Thunder look to turn a page on their unfortunate season. Last year, they lost Russell Westbrook AND Kevin Durant to injuries.

While Westbrook came back and played his brains out, the Thunder barely missed the playoffs as the New Orleans Pelicans took the last seed in the tough Western Conference. With KD and Russ completely healthy, the Thunder are a threat to bring home the Larry O'Brien once again.

It won't be easy competing against the reloaded Los Angeles Clippers, strengthened San Antonio Spurs, returning Houston Rockets, and we couldn't forget the NBA Champions, the high powered Golden State Warriors. 

The Thunder have added this orange jersey with navy blue trimming. The first thing that comes to mind is the Warriors old jerseys. You know, the ones that Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson, and Al Harrington wore. The Warriors donned the orange unis from 2003-2010 (right before the team re-branded and adopted their vintage look).

While critics are bashing and criticizing the new look, look on the bright side, they could be the Clippers.