Croatian Style Showcases Insane Sneaker Collection

Project Blitz's owner, Croatian Style (sneaker alias), displayed his impressive sneaker collection. Valued at $2 million USD, the sneaker collection was everything a sneaker fanatic could dream of. It featured classics, grails, heat, samples, and even the ultra rare player editions. The sneaker collector showcased over 3000 sneakers from the past 30 years. To say that's impressive, that's an understatement.

If that name sounds familiar, the owner is a huge sneakerhead with influence on the forums (when they were popping). He's the reason the Internet has photos like:

They were on display for a very short time. Located on Fairfax in Southern California, the first day was a media-only event launch for special invites in the sneaker game. The weekend was open to the public to take in the breathtaking views. Croatian Style is the owner of Project BLITZ and that shop more than a consignment store, it specializes in rare and limited footwear and apparel. They definitely have the right owner.

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Images courtesy of: CroatianStyle, ProjectBLITZ, & DrewRuiz90