5 Stance Socks for Any NBA Fan

There are teams and allegiances that you pledge to when you become an fan. For instance, Los Angeles Lakers fans would probably never wear green (the primary color of their rivals, the Boston Celtics) but sometimes, there are players that you just can't resist.

Stance socks became the official sock brand of the NBA and their socks have brought a different look to the court. Before they were big, their brand was known for their NBA Legends socks. Here's our list of 5 Stance socks available that would fit a real NBA fan.

5. Dee Brown

The original Dabber. Dee Brown was the ultimate showman and brought entertainment with his high flying dunking ability.

4. Larry Johnson

 The All-Star was known for his strength and clutch gene. Although undersized for his position, Johnson never backed away from a challenge and stepped up.

3. Shawn Kemp

Shawn Kemp known for his strength and thunderous slams. With countless jams, Kemp was always a fun player to watch.

2. Tracy McGrady

If it wasn't for injury, T-Mac could be vying for the greatest basketball player title. He began his career with Vince Carter in Toronto and many have always wondered "what could've been." As you may know, both went their separate ways and had pretty successful NBA careers.

1. Allen Iverson

Often regarded as the best pound for pound player, Allen Iverson was fearless. He took on anybody in his path and finished his career as one of the NBA's best scorers.