Top 5 New Years Resolutions for Sneakerheads

1) Wear Your Shoes

For those who collect sneakers, sometimes there are sneakers you just can't wear and we respect that. From autographed sneakers to rare player editions, those shoes are exclusively decorative and a collective piece. For the other general releases, make sure you wear them. You bought shoes to stunt in, DO IT!

2) Clean Your Shoes

Now that you've committed to wearing your shoes, you most definitely want to keep them clean. You spend hundreds of dollars on sneakers, make sure they stay clean and remain presentable.

As always, Reshoevn8r has you covered from in-depth cleanings at home to quick wipes for the road. We know cleaning is tough and tedious but its worth it in the long run.

3) Limit Your Spending

There will always be a month in which all the shoes you want will release. Unless you just won the Powerball lottery, it's going to be mighty difficult to purchase them on an average salary. Be smart, work out your numbers and get the priorities right. Don't forget it's something along the lines of: food, rent, utilities, then sneakers!

4) Add Other Brands to the Rotation

From a basketball standpoint, adidas, Under Armour, and Brandblack are a few major brands who put out competitive basketball shoes with Nike. Sometimes its worth a try. Who knows, maybe a change is exactly what you need. This also applies to casual kicks and there's a million out there waiting for you to try!

5) Lace Someone Up

This is generic but giving back is always good, especially to a person in need. A decent pair of shoe will go a much longer way for a person who needs them than for one person to have hundreds. If you don't follow through with Resolution #1, find a person in need and lace them up, literally.