John Geiger’s Impact on Sneaker Culture

John Geiger’s imaginative perspective on the sneaker industry encourages a complete cultural shift. His intentions run along the lines of destroying everything we know about the sneaker industry, and rebuilding it to his specifications. Some of his artistic endeavors include cutting the straps off the Air Yeezy 2, and mismatching soles on several pairs of sneakers. Thus far, Geiger’s most lucrative form of expression is the creation of the “Misplaced Checks” Air Force 1’s.



Now included in his own line of signature kicks, the Misplaced Checks exceed $1000 in the resale market. He’s currently working on bringing more unorthodox visions to life, challenging the boundaries of the sneaker game. Had it not been for his persistence and self-determination, John Geiger would be just another visionary with untapped potential.


Today John is often viewed as a sneaker celebrity. His Instagram page boasts over 175K sneaker crazed followers, desperate for a glimpse at his next creation. Having seen unprecedented success with his latest release, Geiger confidently accepts his fate in the sneaker industry. Marketing his creations in Los Angeles based boutique, FourTwoFour Fairfax, is only a mild accomplishment in comparison to his expected potential. He ‘s aware that his legacy as a designer is just beginning and he’ll have ample opportunity to articulate his signature style.  


Grabbing life by the horns, this 30 year old artist intends to sculpt his own brand, turning down collabs from established sneaker brands. However, his unrelenting urge to create does not come without risk. Taking chances to redefine sneaker culture will undoubtedly place him amongst the industry’s most elite innovators. There’s no telling what to expect from John Geiger as the year progresses.