Marcus Jordan Shows Off Kicks on Twitter

Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan is opening a new shop inside the Disney Springs shopping center in Florida. It'll go by the name "Trophy Room." On Twitter, Marcus snapped a few photos to stunt.

He was able to show off a personalized 1-of-1 pair from designer, Mark Smith.  The shoes are a pair of Bred XI lows with the store's logo and brand lasered in.



It doesn't stop there for Marcus, earlier in the week, the Jordan heir posted the Air Jordan pack that was created to honor Kobe. The Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 8 got the Los Angeles Lakers colorway, the same shoes Kobe wore in 2002-03 during his sneaker free agency. 

Being MJ's son, Marcus could pretty much get anything he wants. This sparked the rumors of the Air Jordan Kobe pack. Will these actually release to the masses? We'll have to wait and see if an official announcement comes out. 


Kobe in the iconic Air Jordans: