August Employee of the Month: Daniel

Daniel Employee of the Month

Daniel is regularly featured in front of the camera on our YouTube channel, but you may not realize that he is also the force behind the scenes of YouTube as well. Recently, he has stepped up into a new role of YouTube Manager for Reshoevn8r, and as the channel grows so does his responsibility. Daniel has tackled this new challenge with courage and confidence like he does with all his roles, inspiring the rest of his YouTube team to improve their skills. In addition to YouTube, Daniel is also a key contributor to the marketing team – where his insight into our consumers and his expertise in design are imperative. As a team, we are lucky to work with someone so dedicated to the brand and all of us. Congrats Daniel on your new role, and on being Employee of the Month!


Daniel’s Favorite Sneaker:  Air Jordan 1 Bred
Daniel’s Favorite Reshoevn8r Memory: 2017 LA Sneaker Con trip. Almost the whole team went on that trip and It was a good working and bonding experience. Not to mention Disneyland! Who doesn’t love Disneyland.
Daniel’s Favorite Product: The Collapsible Cleaning Bowl. It’s such a unique, cool thought out product.
 Why Daniel’s Co-Workers Nominated Him:
 “Steps up into uncomfortable places to be a leader.”
“Everyone can rely on him at all times.”
“He stays late and does whatever it takes to get the job done.”
“Has stepped up to be the leader of the YouTube department.”
“He is very knowledgeable.”
“He leads by example.”
“Brings really great ideas to the table and always is looking for ways we can improve our content.”
Thank you Daniel for being a part of our team!