Cam Newton's Cleat Collection

The competition in the NFC South couldn't be any more fierce. Currently, the Carolina Panthers are tied with the New Orleans Saints with a record of 9-4. Cam Newton has been leading the charge in an effort to extend the team's postseason potential. If you know anything about Cam, you'll agree that both his style of play and fashion sense are wildly dynamic! It's not often that NFL players are featured in footwear posts, so why not shed light on one of the league's biggest stars?! Here are some of Cam's greatest footwear moments on the gridiron.  

OCCASION: Price Tribute

YEAR: 2017

OCCASION: Prince Tribute

YEAR: 2016

OCCASION: Thursday Night Football

YEAR: 2016 



YEAR: 2016


YEAR: 2016


YEAR: 2013

Admit it, you've NEVER seen cleats like these in your life. Although NFL regulations prohibit him from wearing most of these designs, you'll still find him wearing custom cleats during his pregame workouts! With cleats this special, he's bound to have a RESHOEVN8R kit in his possession to defend against grass stains. Perhaps even our water repellant would prove effective against the elements? Stay tuned for more posts and check out some of our items in the store! 

Photo Courtesy: SC/NK/HB