Cyber Monday Sensations: Recap of some of the Best Online Deals

We live in an age where Brick and Mortar establishments are nearly obsolete! Why waste time and energy scavenging for products amidst aggravating and sometimes dangerous crowds?! If you're anything like me, CYBER MONDAY is more your cup of tea. Analysts suggest that digital shopping grossed nearly $7 BILLION in sales! A substantial percentage of these sales can be attributed to a thriving sneaker culture. Were you able to take advantage of any sneaker deals? Here are a few sales that you may have overlooked!


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RETAILER: New Balance 

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RETAILER: Reshoevn8r

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Did you visit any of the suggested retailers above? If you slacked, there's still time to take advantage of these deals, with the exception of our products. Due to an unprecedented amount of orders, we were unable to extend our offer throughout the week. Stay tuned for future Holiday promotions and make sure RESHOEVN8R products are at the top of your wishlist!