Feature x Saucony Shadow 6000 Living Fossil

Isn't it about time we salivated over another collaborative release? This time, Feature Sneaker Boutique and Saucony are up to bat! The Feature x Saucony Shadow 6000 Living Fossil is available now at Feature via an online raffle and will be followed by an online release on June 23rd. The Saucony 6000 has been reworked to mimic the color scheme of the Ichthyosaur! For those of us who aren't well versed when it comes to dinosaurs, this creature happens to have been native to Nevada many thousands of years ago. In fact, it's now considered the state fossil! They're scheduled to retail for $120 alongside an assortment of clothing to complement the sneaker.

The Living Fossil is complete with holographic accents and waterproof panels. Beryl-Green is the primary color which is accented by shades of grey and white. A cracked nubuck finish and speckled outside help emulate the appearance of a fossil. Reflective Saucony branding on the tongue and heel add additional flair and complete the look. Don't let your kicks end up looking like they've been taking a dirt nap for 1000 years! Do the right thing and grab a RESHOEVN8R Cleaning kit!