Kicks for Kids: Are They Worth the Bread?

Generally speaking, sneakers are becoming more expensive across all sizes. Premium footwear now encompasses children’s sizes, including Toddlers! An increasing emphasis on sneaker culture combined with a desire to create junior Hypebeasts is mostly to blame. In all honesty, are baby sneakers worth the bread?
By far the most relevant example of overpriced children’s shoes was the Toddler release of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. Similar to Adult sizes, they sold out in seconds, leaving the average consumer at a loss for words. How pressed should we be to introduce a 2 year old (who can barely walk) to Boost Technology. $130 is a steep price to pay, assuming you’re able to cop at retail. Would you be willing to dish out $300-$500 in the resale market?
Even before the Yeezy madness, Jordan Brand has been serving dopeness to minors. It's become tradition for young parents to buy their offspring matching sneakers on release day. Acknowledging this trend, JB consistently drops Toddler sizes of popular retros. Likewise, increasing price tags are accompanied by diminishing quality. Most junior sizes lack minute details that define the silhouette’s character. Are Sneakerhead parents truly getting their dollar’s worth or are they paying for brand recognition? The effects of consumerism within Sneaker Culture are becoming prevalent at an even younger age.
On the contrary, some products remain consistent at every level. Behind the Timberland brand is an unwavering quality standard that’s appeased consumers for generations. With this being said, Toddlers are offered quality footwear that can be worn until they’re outgrown. This durable fall/winter option is available in a variety of colors and textures. It’s easy to foresee the Timberland Boot’s existence well into the future. Although they’re not sneakers, combining style with durability makes these well worth the bread.
In conclusion, nobody can dictate how to spend your hard earned money. The look on a young Sneakerhead’s face when he or she receives that first pair is priceless! If you’re in a position to spread love to a younger generation, by all means, do so. Just be cognizant of the kicks you’re paying for and willing to replace them soon!