Reshoevn8r X Women Limited Edition "Influencer" Kit

Reshoevn8r X Women Limited Edition Kit
Get your mom something she really wants this Mother’s Day. Surprise her with a  Reshoevn8r X Women Limited Edition “Influencer” Kit!
This Kit comes with everything a beginner or advanced female sneakerhead could want!
Inside the Influencer Kit there is a special Women’s 3 Brush Laundry System which includes:
  • One 4 oz Advanced Shoe Cleaner/ Conditioner
  • One Sneaker Laundry Bag
  • One Microfiber Towel
  • One Pair of JR Shoe Trees
  • One Soft Bristle Brush (Great for soft suede or knitted sneakers!)
  • One Medium Bristle Brush (Can even use on your leather boots!)
  • One Stiff Bristle Brush (Perfect for cleaning off soles!)
Also, inside the “Influencer” Kit is:
  • Two 8 oz Advanced Shoe Cleaner/ Conditioner
  • One Collapsible Cleaning Bowl
  • One Boosted Stripes (Glitter) X Reshoevn8r Kit (To sparkle up your Ultra Boosts)
  • One Pair of “Reshoevn8r” Premium Shoe Laces
  • One Reshoevn8r X Women Dad Hat
  • One Reshoevn8r Lanyard
  • One Reshoevn8r Logo Sticker
  • One Reshoevn8r Heart Sticker
  • One Reshoevn8r X Women Pin


We are only selling 25 boxes on Sunday, May 13th so get it before it’s gone!
If you miss your chance don’t worry, you can still get your mom something nice this Mother’s Day. Use promo code MOM to get our JR Laundry Systems 50% off all weekend long!
Check out our YouTube video for all the details on our Women’s Edition 3 Brush Laundry System!