Return of the Gold Rush!

Yesterday, a few of Nike's most iconic running silhouettes made another return to retailers. The Air Max 97, Air Max Plus, and Air VaporMax 97 arrived at select retailers, including the Nike SNKRS app. Each pair has been dipped in gold, giving sneaker fiends a reason to go berserk! Within minutes, the Air Max 97 sold out, similar to the Silver Bullet release. Shortly after, the Air VaporMax 97 was gone, leaving only the Air Max Plus to the scavengers. Could this have been one of the craziest drops of the Spring? Did Nike come through this time? Here's another look at what was up for grabs.

SNEAKER: Nike Air Max 97

SNEAKER: Nike VaporMax 97

SNEAKER: Nike Air Max Plus 

Are you a fan of vintage runners? Perhaps the updated sole of the VaporMax is more your speed. Those shiny Metallic Gold overlays are prone to stains and smudges. Its almost like there should be a comprehensive cleaning solution to help maintain the shoes' pristine appeal. OH WAIT, THERE IS! Now that you've grabbed a pair from the gold collection, go ahead and pick up a RESHOEVN8R cleaning kit. How awful would it be if your pair is already TRASHED by the time Summer rolls around?!  Make the right choice and invest in the future of your kicks!