Sneaker Reflections: Nike Air Pegasus

4 years ago the Nike Air Pegasus reached its 30th anniversary! For over 30 years sneakerheads have been blessed to have the Nike Air Pegasus as an essential part of their collections. Upon its initial release in 1983, the Air Pegasus epitomized its Greek Namesake. For those who aren’t familiar with Greek Mythology, Pegasus was an immortal winged horse with incredible flying capabilities. By providing quickness, flexibility, and added cushion, this sneaker lives up to its name, facilitating an optimal running experience. According to Nike CEO Mark Parker, the mission of the Nike Air Pegasus was to “design a more accessibly priced, "every person’s" Air Training shoe. This sneaker was a viable option for nearly every kind of runner combining innovative technology to benefit the athlete. Since 1983 the Nike Air Pegasus has been reworked to implement newer materials and other upgrades. Today the Nike Zoom Pegasus 34 is the newest rendition of this classic runner. Although the silhouette has seen many variations, it still has not lost its clean, simple look.

Today the Nike Air Pegasus 83 is more of a fashion statement than an athlete's shoe of choice. Although it's fully capable of being used for athletic purposes, it's rare anyone would sport these over a 2017 release. A timeline of the Nike Air Pegasus reveals gradual enhancements to the sneaker’s silhouette. Notable changes include thicker midsoles, added stability, and more breathable uppers. If you’re feeling creative you can even head over to NikeID and create your own pair. Judging by their rate of production, it's likely we’ll be seeing the Nike Air Pegasus for years to come. Do you own a pair? Be sure to keep them crispy with one of our sneaker laundry kits!