STAYING LACED: A Complete Guide to Lacing Your Kicks

The dopest things in life are LACED. While this statement could be interpreted as a reference to narcotics, true sneakerheads recognize a different kind of drug. Kicks are now more exotic than ever before, appealing to an increasing variety of Sneaker Fiends. In this culture, what you choose to wear on your feet defines who you are. More specifically, how you LACE them is a testament to your true style! In recent years the streets have introduced a plethora of ways to lace a pair of sneakers. Let's reflect on some of the most prevalent shoe lacing styles to date.
When casually rocking a pair of Jordan’s or any other basketball specific kicks, be sure NOT to choke them. In other words, there’s no need to excessively tighten your shoes if you have no intentions of running 5 on 5’s! Most style conscious collectors loosen their kicks by neglecting to tie a bow. In silhouettes like the Air Jordan IV, this can easily be done by threading the laces through the ankle support.
Although not as popular today, horizontal lacing patterns were once a hit! You weren’t truly fly if you’d never attempted to pull this off. In my experience, the major downside to this look is a lack of support. Not to mention, uneven lace lengths make tying a knot much more difficult! A lot of hipsters found that swapping traditional laces with fat laces creates a much fuller look. Typically this style of lacing is most common amongst classic or retro silhouettes.
To state the obvious, in 2016 there’s a seemingly endless selection of shoe laces to choose from. Whether they’re glow in the dark, 3m, tie-dye, or galaxy themed it's even easier to differentiate yourself now than ever before. Cognizant of shoe lace fetishes, major companies such as Nike and Jordan often include additional laces to appease your senses. Third party retailers overseas can also provide your fix if you're willing to pay shipping fees.
Putting a futuristic spin on shoe lacing systems is the upcoming Nike HyperAdapt 1.0. Nike promised self-lacing sneakers to mimic those in Back To The Future and this is what they’ve come to. Powered by an underfoot-lacing mechanism, the shoe is able to adjust to your foot, guaranteeing an optimal lacing experience. Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing is a preview of futuristic footwear. Nike’s even hinted at applying this concept to basketball sneakers, forever changing our perception of footwear.
Lastly, we have a prime example of what “choking” a sneaker might look like. Sure they’re beautiful sneakers with incredible street value, but in this instance, the wearer could have styled these differently. On another note, individualism is a large part of what makes this culture great. Perhaps the subject enjoys increased ankle support. Maybe they’re even embarking on a long journey that requires a more secure fit. The amount of judgement that can be passed based solely on shoe lacing tactics is often surreal. Therefore, stay laced in a way that best defines your characteristics!