Taking a look back to 2009, we’re able to revisit a Nike Basketball classic. The Nike Air Max LeBron 7 was one of the most groundbreaking silhouettes of his signature collection. During the time of its release, LeBron was a Cleveland Cavalier for the first time and performing at a high level. I mean, he was practically carrying his team, further solidifying his spot as an NBA All-Star. Acknowledging greatness, Nike understood the need for an optimal silhouette. The Nike Air Max LeBron 7 would become one of the most coveted sneakers to date. Having released in a plethora of colorways, this shoe had enough flavor to be worn off the court as well.

Several minute details, distinguish this drop as an important piece of history. The Nike Air Max LeBron 7 was one of the first basketball sneakers to boast, Flywire technology. In fact, the sneaker features 23 wires to honor LeBron's jersey number. Air Max cushioning had also never been used on any of his kicks. Hoopers and casual wearers appreciated the all-around comfort and support these shoes offered. The solid frame helped Bron Bron avoid injury during another strenuous season. Today’s sneakerheads and LeBron stans willingly drop hundreds of dollars to secure a pair for their collection. What was your favorite colorway?