#Throwbackthursday Puma Clyde

SMILE, the work week is almost over! How about we switch up the flow with a brief #THROWBACKTHURSDAY segment! In honor of Jay-Z's new role as creative director at Puma Basketball, we feel it's appropriate to revisit the Puma Clyde.

Puma dates back to as far as the 1920’s. During their start in Germany, Puma was mostly concerned with making football boots. At the time they used cutting-edge technology to design a shoe that would cut into grass, gravel, and dirt. Screw in studs helped athletes gain traction across multiple terrains. Leaping forward to 1973, Puma begins to target one of the most impactful basketball players of that time. The Puma Clyde was created for Walt “Clyde” Frasier in response to his signature style on and off the court. Fraiser had the ability to make the game look effortless, similar to his fashion sense. He was often known to wear his Clyde's with alternating formstrips, fedoras, and long sideburns. The Puma Clyde was definitely a fashion statement, providing comfort with style, in a way the world was not used to. With this release, Puma elevated their status in the footwear industry and made an impact on sneaker culture.

The Puma Clyde has been featured in a variety of colors and textures. When interviewed about the legacy of his sneaker, Frasier concluded the Clyde is a timeless silhouette. He considered his ability to dress up the sneaker with casual outfits and flashy hats. In the 1980’s breakdancers took a liking to the shoe. The vibrant color schemes and lightweight appeal were perfect for the emerging hip-hop scene. 40 years after their release the Puma Clyde is still a desirable sneaker. Walt Frazier's presence on the basketball court and sneaker industry will forever be felt. Do you happen to own any Puma Clydes? Tweet us some pics and stay tuned for more posts.