Vans Yacht Club Pack

Whos ready for Summer? Vans sure is! In an effort to commemorate sunnier days, Vans has officially released the Yacht Club Pack. This colorful collection is ideal for anyone lucky enough to sail the open seas. If you're ever portside, you may want to consider grabbing a pair from this colorful collection. Having started in California is no surprise that the brand implemented such vibrant hues in their latest offering. Check out some images below.

SNEAKER: Vans Old Skool

PRICE: $60

SNEAKER: Vans Slip-On

PRICE: $50  


What makes Vans so cool is the idea that they're generally affordable! Whether you're skating in them or just flexing on the "Gram", the Vans Yacht Club Pack is a great addition to any collection. They're currently available at Vans retailers across the globe, so act quickly. Be sure to grab our RESHOEVN8R water repellent to protect those canvas uppers!